Do you have any complaints?

Complaints Officer

The complaints officer listens to your story and mediates between you and the person or department the complaint is about. You will both be given the opportunity to provide an explanation. The complaints officer is impartial and has a duty of confidentiality. Even if you are unsure whether you want to file a complaint or just ask for advice, you can contact the complaints officer.

To submit a complaint, please fill out the form to the right.

Handling of complaints

Complaints Regulation
If you have a complaint, we will handle it according to the BeterKliniek complaints regulation. You can read exactly what this regulation entails in the following document: Complaints Regulation Better Clinic


The complaints committee
Does the complaints officer fail to resolve your complaint together? Then you can submit your written complaint to the BeterKliniek complaints committee. The complaints officer can give you further information about this possibility.


External Disputes Committee
Are you not satisfied with how your complaint is resolved? Or does a difference of opinion persist? Then you can submit your complaint to the external disputes committee. You can also turn to the external disputes committee(KAB) if you disagree with the handling of a request for compensation. Download leaflet. More information about the external disputes committee