General information about an (intake) consultation.


Under the forms item, you can fill out a digital intake. You can also complete a digital checklist that provides insight into your symptoms.


Bring at least for the first (intake) consultation:

  • Intake/ anamnesis form or complete digitally
  • Adult or child checklist or complete digitally
  • Test results (blood, urine, saliva and/or stool) from your primary care physician or specialist
  • Medical reporting from other therapists/doctors and specialists

And possibly the "thyroid temperature test.


The first (intake) consultation

The initial consultation, which usually lasts an hour, serves to understand the nature and cause of your symptoms. Based on the data from this consultation and any additional physical examination, a diagnosis will be made and a treatment plan created. You will find, that numerous details of your physical, general and psychological well-being are important.


Doctor, An van Veen, is affiliated with the professional association AVIG and our therapist with the MBOG. This has the advantage for you that the consultations are fully or partially reimbursed by most insurance companies, provided that you have additional insurance. Ask your insurance company about this so you will not be surprised.



If you have a complaint you can submit it to the BeterKliniek (Mr. M. Verhelst). If this does not lead to your satisfaction, you also have the possibility to turn to the complaint committee of the professional associations.



You do not need a referral from your primary care physician, but we recommend that you inform them of your visit to our clinic.



These are clearly listed on the BeterKliniek website. These are updated regularly.


You are kindly requested to pay in cash or with your debit card.


Free informational interview/ consultation

Information on this can be found at



Laboratory (blood, saliva, urine, feces) tests are usually not reimbursed by health insurance companies. You usually receive the bill directly from the laboratory.


Blood draw and handling fees are charged by the Better Clinic.


BSN number

As of July 1, 2009, we are required to register your BSN number. You are therefore requested to bring a valid ID and your BSN number with you at your first appointment.


Cancellation policy

More information can be found on the website.

SVP do not request or change appointments via email, or What' s app but only by phone at the appointment number 040-7117337

Unfulfilled appointments will be charged.


Telephone consultation

At you will find all information about the telephone consultation and scheduling a free informational telephone consultation


You are kindly requested to pay in cash or with your debit card.


Route description BeterKliniek - Geldrop Helze 27

From the A67 (Eindhoven - Venlo) take exit 34 'Geldrop'.

From the exit, keep on "Geldrop. You will pass one or two traffic circles depending on which direction you are coming from.

At the Y-junction, keep right towards 'Centrum - H St. Anna' (actually, keep following 'Bogardeind').

At the first traffic light, go straight ahead "Bogardeind".

At the second traffic light, turn right onto the "Laan der Vier Heemskinderen," the following traffic circle take the second exit onto the "Dommeldalseweg.

Follow this and at the second traffic light at the junction turn left onto the 'Mierloseweg' (Sign: Eindhoven - Dierenrijk).

At the subsequent traffic circle take the first exit to the Helze (Sign: Nuenen - Kasteel).

You will find the BeterKliniek on Helze 27 at the first traffic light on the left. At the same traffic light, turn right to park.


Opposite the BeterKliniek is ago castle Geldrop. You can have a nice walk in the different gardens here. There is also a lunch facility.