Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by persistent or recurrent episodes of psychosis. Major symptoms include hallucinations (usually hearing voices), delusions, paranoia and disorganized thinking. Other symptoms include social withdrawal, decreased emotional expression and apathy. Symptoms usually occur gradually, begin in young adulthood and, in many cases, never disappear. There is no objective diagnostic test; the diagnosis is used to describe observed behavior that can result from numerous different causes. In addition to observed behavior, physicians will take a history when making a diagnosis that includes the person's reported experiences and reports from others familiar with the person. To diagnose someone with schizophrenia, physicians must confirm that symptoms and functional limitations have been present for six months (DSM-5) or one month (ICD-11). Many people with schizophrenia have other mental disorders, particularly substance use disorders, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Treatment BeterKlinic

BeterKliniek is the clinic for Integrative Medicine that bridges regular and non-regular medicine.

An van Veen (physician) and Michael van Gils (therapist) look for the cause of a condition or disease. That is where the treatment starts otherwise, as people often say, it is 'carrying water to the sea'. We call this cause medicine. Sometimes it is also desirable to treat the symptoms (at the same time). We call this symptom medicine.

Chronic disorders often have their cause in epi- genetics. You can schedule a free informative telephone consultation (phone number 040-7117337 until 1 p.m.) at BeterKliniek to discuss your symptoms so that we can provide you with further advice.