Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPS) is a cluster C personality disorder characterized by an excessive need for orderliness, neatness and perfectionism. Symptoms are usually present by the time a person reaches adulthood and are apparent in a variety of situations. It is believed that the cause of OCPS is a combination of genetic and environmental factors, namely attachment problems.

This is a different disorder than obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCS), and the relationship between the two is controversial. Some studies have found high comorbidity between the two disorders, but others have shown little comorbidity. Both disorders may share external similarities, such as rigid and ritualistic behaviors. Attitudes toward these behaviors differ between people with either disorder: for people with OCS, these behaviors are egodystonic, unwanted and involuntary, because they are the product of anxiety-provoking and involuntary thoughts. On the other hand, for people with OCPS, they are egosyntonic; the person views them as rational and wanted, because they are the result, for example, of a strong adherence to routines, a desire for control or a need for perfection. OCPS is highly comorbid with other personality disorders, autism spectrum, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, mood disorders and substance use disorders.

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