Regardless of your level of experience with PEMF therapy or what

clinical results you also hope to achieve, this article is

intended as a tool to give you all the information you

need to make an informed choice. In our

education section you will find an overview of the science

behind PEMF therapy and how pulsed electromagnetic

fields on the biological level act on your body. You will

learn everything you need to know to understand exactly how

PEMF therapy in any medical condition can help where

you are curious about, from chronic pain to recovery from

acute injury.

You will also find explanations for any general terminology that

is used When discussing PEMF machines and

PEMF therapy programs, as well as comparisons of

some of the greatest products on the market.

The benefits of PEMF therapy for a wide range of

disorders are well documented with a wealth of

scientific data to support this. In our

blog we break this into easy-to-understand articles,

so that you can can have confidence in the decisions you make

about your health and well-being. Informing yourself about your

own health and care is one of the best investments in

time and energy that a health-conscious person can do

and we're here to help you.



If you are looking for information on how PEMF therapy

a specific condition can help, such as neuropathy,

arthritis, insomnia or even depression, has Dr. Pawluk over

much of this written extensively on his siteblog

(drpawluk.com). Most of the other blogs also include

comprehensive independent citations, so you can be sure

be that you receive unbiased information that is

supported by scientific research.


It has been proven that PEMF therapy has a wide range of

disorders can help when properly

is applied and used in accordance with clinical

best practices. We have a large

variety of PEMF machines showcased that thoroughly

have been vetted by Dr. Pawluk and his team for quality,

reliability and safety.

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