The difference between cellulite and cellulite

Cellulite is often popularly called cellulite. But they are not the same conditions, although cellulite looks much the same as cellulite. But cellulite is caused by a bacterial infection under the skin, and cellulite does not involve that at all. But in both conditions, the skin is lumpy. The main difference is that with cellulite, the skin looks red and also often feels warm, while cellulite just feels cold.

Cellulite is common in women. But even though many women deal with cellulite over the course of their lives, many of them are ashamed of their so-called orange peel skin. Once that orange skin is there, it becomes difficult to get rid of it again. Here is some more information about cellulite and what you can do about it.


How does cellulite appear on your legs and buttocks?

Many people think that being overweight is the main cause of cellulite. But this is only partially true. Cellulite occurs when the number of fat cells in the subcutaneous connective tissue increases. This can cause a constriction of the blood vessels. This causes poorer blood circulation and disturbed fluid drainage. Thus, fat, waste products and fluids become increasingly difficult to drain. As a result, the connective tissue hardens and the skin becomes lumpy and pitted, known as orange peel skin. The connective tissue strands that connect the skin to the underlying connective tissue are the culprits. These pull the skin down causing you to see pitting in your legs or buttocks.

What causes cellulite to develop?

There are several factors that influence the development of cellulite. Whether cellulite is present or visible can range from mild, moderate to severe. These factors include:

  • Heredity
  • Hormones
  • Weight change
  • Lifestyle

So you can't always prevent it. The only way to get rid of that pesky cellulite on your buttocks and legs for good is to address the main cause of cellulite: the connective tissue strands that pull the skin down.


Treatment BeterKlinic

BetterKlinic is focused on health and integrated medical treatment. The clinic houses the INDIBA Active device to effectively treat cellulite. This treatment is an extension of our weight management program, which is based on restoration of the endocannabinoid system.

Indiba is a device , which activates intra- and extracellular ion movement, which in turn favourably affects membrane permeability and cellular metabolism. Restarting cellular exchanges and restoring the electrical balance, improve the natural processes of wound healing and tissue repair.

Cellular processes and activation of exchanges promote wound healing and have analgesic, anti-inflammatory and fibrolytic properties.

Hyperactivation - Hyperthermia


In hyperactivation, we get a large increase in temperature. This reorganizes the connective tissue structure of the tissue and we start to reduce scar tissue formation. The tissue is stimulated to restructure itself, even in chronic cases where there had been fibrosis for some time (consequences of traumatic injury, osteoarthritis).

The result is a marked acceleration of the natural recovery process and pain relief from the first treatment.

Indiba support in the recovery process of

  • Cellulite
  • Localized fat accumulation
  • Riding breeches
  • Skin aging in general
  • Skin sagging (face, eyelids, bust, arms, abdomen, legs)
  • To support muscle function training (relaxation, proprioception and exercise)
  • To improve collagen
  •  Indications: cellulite, scars/ connective tissue and pain
  • To promote circulation 


Treatment BeterKlinic

BeterKliniek is the clinic for Integrative Medicine that bridges regular and non-regular medicine.

An van Veen (physician) and Michael van Gils (therapist) look for the cause of a condition or disease. That is where the treatment starts otherwise, as people often say, it is 'carrying water to the sea'. We call this cause medicine. Sometimes it is also desirable to treat the symptoms (at the same time). We call this symptom medicine.

Chronic disorders often have their cause in epi- genetics. You can schedule a free informative telephone consultation (phone number 040-7117337 until 1 p.m.) at BeterKliniek to discuss your symptoms so that we can provide you with further advice.