The BeterKliniek can detect arterial calcification and blood vessel narrowing at an early stage thanks to the advanced arteriograph measurement. This can prevent irreparable damage to heart and blood vessels. Conditions such as brain and heart attacks can also be prevented. This form of examination is revolutionary and completely painless! Through blood pressure tapes, your vascular age is determined. The result of the examination predicts your current risk of cardiovascular disease.


Thanks to the arteriograph, vascular disorders can be detected much earlier than with regular examinations. So early that damage to the vessels can still be partially repaired by changing your lifestyle. The examination with the arteriograph is simple, fast and inexpensive.

The arteriograph measures vascular abnormalities at relatively early stages compared with regular examination.


The benefits of an arteropgraph:

Thanks to periodic examination, it is possible to monitor vascular damage. It can be checked whether the damage remains the same, gets better or worse

A good result is a huge reassurance

In case of an extremely bad result, you are advised to go to your family doctor and get further examination. This will ensure that measures are taken in time that can prevent an infarction or stroke, for example.

Awareness of a healthy lifestyle and advice for its improvement


Above a report of an arteriograph measurement of a person with healthy vessels


Above, a report of an arteriograph measurement of a person who has poor vessels.