Attachment is the enduring affective relationship between a child and one or more educators. Securely attached children will seek proximity to persons to whom they are attached during periods of stress. In an unfamiliar situation, such persons are the base from which they explore the environment. Insecurely attached children cling to their caregiver, or on the contrary behave very indifferently and independently, regardless of whether the situation is stressful or not. All children have attachment relationships with their caregivers, but insecurely attached children are much more likely to experience learning or relationship problems, be difficult to talk to and develop low self-esteem.

Treatment BeterKlinic

BeterKliniek is the clinic for Integrative Medicine that bridges regular and non-regular medicine.

An van Veen (physician) and Michael van Gils (therapist) look for the cause of a condition or disease. That is where the treatment starts otherwise, as people often say, it is 'carrying water to the sea'. We call this cause medicine. Sometimes it is also desirable to treat the symptoms (at the same time). We call this symptom medicine.

Chronic disorders often have their cause in epi- genetics. You can schedule a free informative telephone consultation (phone number 040-7117337 until 1 p.m.) at BeterKliniek to discuss your symptoms so that we can provide you with further advice.