Detoxification, drainage, detoxification is the term used in naturopathy for cleansing the body internally of waste products or toxins.

Although the body has a self-healing ability and the ability to rid itself of toxins and waste products through the liver and kidneys, in naturopathy it is assumed that this can be supported by detoxification therapies.

There is a whole industry of "detox" products that have no proven effect whatsoever and usually do not even specify what toxins they are supposedly removing from the body.

Detoxification therapies

Such treatments may include:

  • Homeopathy, such as treating mercury poisoning with homeopathic lead, on the assumption that a homeopathic dilution of one heavy metal renders the other harmless.[1]
  • Following a diet.
  • Fasting.[1]
  • Hydrotherapy, a collective term for various treatments, including hot water baths (balneotherapy), enemas (colon hydrotherapy), and drinking large amounts of water.[2]
  • Herbal tea cure, drinking large amounts of herbal tea.[1]
  • Phytotherapy[1].
  • Gemmotherapy[1].
  • Juice cures, particularly drinking large amounts of lemon juice.[3]
  • Removing dental fillings made of amalgam to prevent the release of mercury vapor[1][4].
  • Chelation therapy.
  • Ear candle therapy. The burning candle in the ear is said to draw earwax out of the ear canal.[5]
  • Clay baths, on the assumption that the clay draws the poison out of the body through the skin.[1]
  • Placing detox plasters, which would draw poison through the skin.
  • Foot baths based on electrolysis, such as Aquadetox or Omega Detox. The browning of the water was initially explained as evidence of the release of poison, later this claim was retracted when it was found that the rusting electrodes were responsible for it.[6]
  • Drainage.

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