At least I CZ no longer..... I have been with CZ for at least 30 years as health insurance and have always been satisfied. Unfortunately, I'm going to say goodbye to CZ this year because, like OHRA and Nationale Nederlanden, as of 2019 they no longer reimburse orthomolecular medicine from the supplementary package for some hazy reason to me. Fortunately, a large number of insurances still do. Are you in solidarity with orthomolecular medicine and also withdraw your trust in the CZ let them know why. What is important with the basic insurance? Both natura insurance and restitution insurance work on the basis of contracted care. The restitution insurer often has more care providers contracted. In addition, the reimbursement for non-contracted healthcare providers is different. Do you go with a natura insurance to a non-contracted care provider? Then you will not get your entire bill reimbursed. You will receive a percentage of the market amount. If you go to a non-contracted care provider with a restitution insurance, you will be reimbursed the market amount in full. So with both insurances it is important to check carefully whether your health care provider is contracted. With natura insurance, the consequences of going to a non-contracted health care provider are only greater. My preference is for restitution insurance because then I can choose my own doctor and hospital. What is important with supplemental insurance? Patients who use non-regular medicine generally use less regular medicine. Some health insurance companies pass on this cutback so that they can offer an interesting supplementary package. Sometimes it can even be more interesting to take out the basic package with another insurance company as the supplementary package. If you take out a supplementary package because you want to use orthomolecular medicine care, make sure you make the right choice. Below is a list of the ratio of reimbursement to cost per year. The best ratio is at the top.

  • The yellow-shaded items means that the consultations are reimbursed only by physicians.
  • These assessments do not include the fact that some insurances work with a maximum daily allowance
  • These reviews do not include reimbursements for other alternative treatments. Orthomolecular only.

In first place is VvAa but you can only join there if you or your partner has a profession in healthcare. In shared second place is ONVZ and PNO zorg where anyone can join. source: zorgwijzer and BeterKliniek Which health insurance should I take? 'click left' to download the pdf