Natural Medicine believes in a future where the doctor will no longer give medications, but will will interest these patients in the proper care of the human body. It is important to think carefully about our diet, its causes and the prevention of diseases. Thomas Edison once said it, natural medicine has adopted this as its motto.

Naturopathy stands for a collection of healing methods that some refer to as alternative, others speak of a claim on the self-healing ability of man. It refers to healing methods that have proven their raison d'être when applied independently, but are also particularly effective when combined with other treatments. In addition, it is a valuable complement to general medicine, always based on Evidence-based Medicine.

What can naturopathy be used for?

It offers relief in a wide variety of situations. This is mainly due to the large number of healing modalities that belong to it. These include, for example, orthomolecular medicine, which focuses on nutrition, phytotherapy and nutritional oncology. It also includes, for example, neural therapy and allergy treatments, always based on the power of one's own body.

Within naturopathy, among other things, nutrition is central, something that a doctor hardly pays attention to. According to the philosophy, however, it is of great importance to take in the right food and thereby respond to calls from the body where necessary. In this way it is not only possible to prevent possible health problems, it is also believed that in this way it is possible to bring the body back into balance.

A good example of the importance of nutrition is magnesium. People with diabetes, hypertension and magnesium deficiency lower blood pressure when they take more magnesium. In this way, it is possible to kill two birds with one stone. Magnesium, however, is a low-cost product, so no manufacturer of traditional medicines will go with it. Naturopathy focuses on such solutions and, based on nutrition, ensures that we can solve deficiencies in our body, or it is possible to break through other blockages and complaints.