Recovery from corona?

People with mild corona complaints may be better within a week. But they may also continue to suffer from Long (=long)Covid symptoms for weeks to months and experience frequent relapses. In people who have had more severe corona symptoms, and may or may not have been hospitalized, recovery takes at least weeks, but may be longer. People who have been hospitalized in intensive care often take months to recover completely.  

Most common complaints:

Mental complaints

Cognitive problems



Loss of smell and taste

Shortness of breath/shortness of breath

Pressure on the chest

Heart problems

Pain between the shoulder blades

Digestive complaints



Muscle pain

Complete recovery?

The coronavirus enters the body through the lungs, therefore lung tissue can be damaged (permanently). Especially in people who have little glutathione in the alveoli of the lungs. The coronavirus can also cause pneumonia, which can cause damage. A portion of corona patients are expected to keep damaged lungs, making coughing up mucus more difficult and making you more susceptible to infections. To determine if there is residual damage, examination by the pulmonologist is required. These include physical examination, pulmonary function tests and radiological studies.

It also seems that after corona infection, you have a higher risk of pulmonary embolisms. This is especially true for patients admitted to the ICU. In the long run, this could lead to permanent symptoms such as shortness of breath on exertion and shortness of breath, but this needs further study.


As previously mentioned, BeterKliniek does not treat patients who have Corona. However, we can offer post-treatment support.

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