I find it baffling that we accept billions being invested in a problem whose cause (and solution) we know.Prof. Dr. Hanno Arrow

Internist and Professor of Diabetology, Leiden University Medical Center

Type 2 diabetes? Turn it around!

BeterKliniek specializes in reversing type 2 diabetes.Since 2014, we have been helping people with diabetes become healthier.BeterKliniek focuses on less medication, better blood sugar levels, weight loss and more health.Lifestyle as medicineBeterKliniek does not work with medications or with medical interventions but with lifestyle. This is because insulin, SU derivatives, metformin and other medications do not cure diabetes. You may feel better, but you won't get better. There is increasing evidence* that type 2 diabetes can be successfully treated with targeted lifestyle modifications. Fully in line with these latest insights, BeterKliniek uses nutrition, exercise and relaxation as medicine.

You do it yourself but not alone Turn Diabetes2 Around is a program for people with type 2 diabetes who are on medication. Under the guidance of a specialized team, you will change your lifestyle. The team consists of a doctor and a specialized therapist and a nurse. They help you eat differently, exercise and relax. A "fasting mimicking diet" can also be an additional supplement. In such a way that it is pleasant and easy to maintain. You will receive individual guidance. Reimbursement Contact your insurer about reimbursement. Experience shows that more and more insurance companies reimburse the cost of 'Reverse Diabetes2'. You can also inquire with your supplementary insurance. We are affiliated with the professional organizations MBOG and AVIG.

* TNO. Lifestyle as adicine, business case for Diabetes type 2 * LUMC. TNO & LUMC join forces on 'Lifestyle as medicine'.

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